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Daniel by Faustino Torres, Jorge Duarte, and Cruz Ponce

This story was created by a youth in one of our programs!

daniel“Clean your room Daniel”, Daniel’s mom screamed from the kitchen. Daniel was seventeen years old and dreamed of being in the air force. Daniel lived with his mom in an old house made out of bricks. He had being training two years doing, push-ups, sit-ups, and running laps. He was waiting two and a half more months so he could join.

The days went by like a dream. Finally he departed from his house leaving his mom behind. When he arrived at the air force he asked himself if he was up to the challenge. He went to the office and started the inscription. The days passed and his counselor encouraged him to keep trying and never stop until he achieved his dream. All the years passed by and he was still working with all his might. He knew that all this hard work was going to pay off on day. Until one day he had become what he wanted to be, the leader of his company.

When he arrived home it was a coincidence that it was mothers day. He took an airplane borrowed from the air force and wrote happy mothers day in the sky. His mom was so happy that she started to cry.


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