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January 5, 2019 | WHEEL Council Board Meeting

January 5, 2019, WHEEL Council Board Meeting

Present: Kari Buck, Dora Rodriguez, Annabelle Nelson

Absent: Sue Wyatt sent her support and regards.


  12/31/18 9/30/18 09/30/17 9/30/16
Checking 9235.95 7071.91   9,556.76   7,418.33
Savings 11521.81 11520.97 11, 517.62 11,514.27
Total 20757.76 18592.88 21,074.38 18,932.60


Expenses & Income (Kari will fill in)

Book Sales 3941.18 8526.74
Acacia and board donation 2853.04 1508.87
Expenses 9279.19 12183.20
5% of income 197.06 426.34

Total to be paid = 197.06+426.34=623.40

Kari will review numbers and send payment for % of book sales to Dora, Annabelle and Kari.

Arizona Corporation Commission is current.

IRS says we are not compliant- Kari tried to contact them = initially sent in form and $225 reinstatement but check was sent back with no indication of the status of the letter.  When Kari tried to call again she left a message but no return call.  Tried again in December but government shut down so no answer. IRS website says our non-profit status has been revoked. Kari will try again when the government opens. Feb 1st – need to contact account who specializes in NGO to help us reestablish NP status

Program Training Reports:  Dora.

Created inventory list (attached) –

Powerbook facilitators guide needs to be updated – since the powerbook was updated.

            We will use TLC (artist) to work with Dora to update.

              We will pay Dora $30 per hour to update by June to get to TLC to updated info.

Retire Storytelling Project Facilitators guide, Angelica’s hope.

Annabelle will put Angelica’s Hope online for free and look at Storytelling Project Facilitators Guide to see if worth posting for free online – currently not on our website.

Dora to add a free WHEEL to all orders (we have 220 to use).

Training in Boston March 26-27- only 3 people for training because they were having an audit so people couldn’t come.

June 27th Bienstar in LA – 5 people –

Training was slow and not as interactive because less people – don’t interact well.  They talk about their personal programs instead of the training itself.

Guam – no other contact update with them.  Dora to call and find out an updated status.

HIV storybook- Some feedback-from John it is a little outdated- (example- that the HIV used to be fatal but now people can live with drugs). Annabelle to write to John Guidry to see if he has suggestions for updating it.

Research and Publications

Annabelle still contacting organizations that have used the curriculum to get reports, so see if there are data that could be used for a meta-analysis, which she will do.  We decided for Annabelle to contact the groups to get their information then contact Andy to run numbers for us and resubmit with hopes that new data will bring us back up.

For data- we didn’t have Standard Deviation because we didn’t get that from our clients. So determined inconclusive- so Annabelle looking to get data from other replication sites to get the SD- to make data conclusive.  Had good luck with SAAF and Latin Center in Delaware to get the data.

Direction for Next Year



Next Steps:

Anita Perez gave an hour discussion regarding where we go from here. (see hand out)

Ideas were:

Partnering with other organizations- Finding someone that could maybe take on our products (books) and use them with our program- we could still be available for training.

Discussed updating our products to digital world

Prevention Apps

Social networking circles- prevention groups etc – having interactive program and online presence. 

Felt remorse about all the closing information and none of us are ready for that step.

Anita will give us contact information

Annabelle to research online prevention groups, ideas to work together with other groups.

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