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December 12, 2012 | WHEEL Council Board Meeting

WHEEL Council Board Meeting
December 12, 2012
Attending: Dora Rodriguez Sanchez, Sue Wyatt, Annabelle Nelson, Kari Buck

  1. Training Report, The training is coming from SAMHSA grantees.

Past Training
July Puerto Rico, two days, 27 participants
Alliance for Drug Free
Youth At Risk

Future Training
Jan 9, 10, 1 ½ day Wilmington, Delaware, 10 participants
Latin American Community Center

2. Sales

Storytelling Account $7,729
Savings Account $13,496
Total $21,235

We have about $5,000 more than we had last year.
Paid 5% of inventory sales per year after printing costs split to volunteers Annabelle, Kari and Dora.

Net balance
2011 $482
2012 $1,586

3. Follow up on sales. Annabelle will send email.

4. Annabelle has submitted an article to Ethnicity and Health on HIV prevention with David Cordova. David Cordova worked as an evaluator on Bien Venidos, and he liked our program.

5. Annabelle and David Cordova, Assistant Professor, Social Work, University of Michigan have submitted a grant to Fielding Graduate University for $8,000 to do a trial of the HIV prevention curriculum with older teens, and a randomized control group. He is submitting a grant to use Storytelling for Empowerment SFE with University of Michigan and NIH.

6. It was decided to keep the WHEEL phone line, and Annabelle will bill the WHEEL for the cost, $23/month.

7. Annabelle brought up a new possibility for a board member, and Sue is going to contact him to orient him about the WHEEL and expectations of board members.

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