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December 11, 2015 | WHEEL Council Board Meeting

WHEEL Council Board Meeting Minutes
December 11, 2015
Members Present: Susan Wyatt, Kari Buck, Dora Sanchez, Annabelle Nelson

  1. Finances
    $19,522.29 in accounts
    $3,400 this year in sales
  2. Annabelle gave an update on East LA HIV Prevention Project. She worked with 5 trainers who had worked with the WHEEL before during the Buena Venidos implementation. There were some issues about getting materials to the site, and matching the identifiers on the surveys from pre, post and follow up testing. 64 teens randomized in two groups had 5 hours contact. One group the HIV StoryBook, and one the Storytelling PowerBook.
  3. The Board approved $1,000 for Andy Walters to enter data in SPSS.
  4. Dora will be going to Harrisburg, PA for a training January 26, 2015, and Alice Stevens from Jewish Family Services in Delaware will come too.
  5. Everyone got a new copy of edited Storytelling PowerBook, the Board thought it looked substantial. Prescription drugs have been added, as well as two appendices, one is the Stories to Heal and Die By, Meth, Inhalant book, and the other is a collection of stories.
  6. The board supported the idea to send an examination to previous buyers with large orders. Kari will create a mailing list with names, agencies and addresses.
  7. The WHEEL phone issue came up. $30/month and a hassle for Annabelle to bill WHEEL. Solutions 1. Pay with credit card; OR 2. Get it as part of other phone and Annabelle bill yearly.
  8. The Board agreed to expend money to update website:, make storytelling video; feature Storytelling PowerBook revisions; revise order from; take off Stories to Live and Die By
  9. Dora asked what to do with 40 copies of STPB and 150 of Meth book. Solutions: Give to Latin American center; Give to potentially friendly high school in Phoenix.
  10. Leaning Wheel is out of print. To convert pagemaker files that can now only be read in html to a printable form as a, will be $1,300. The board felt this was too much. Solutions: 1. Possibly convert to ebook; or 2. Find a serve that can read pagemaker

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