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Our vision is to create programs that merge traditional cultural knowledge with scientific research to facilitate healthy life choices.

Our mission is to prevent drug and alcohol use and other destructive behaviors in young people by combining storytelling, the arts, and cultural empowerment with scientific research.


Product Catalog

Our organization creates and provides a wide range of prevention materials for teachers, counselors, recreation workers, and leaders of youth clubs.  By buying our products or donating a tax-free contribution, you will help support our work with young people and training others to use dynamic and effective methods for fostering health and accelerating learning.  We also now carry Español language products as well.


Phoenix Project

Our Storytelling for Empowerment Project is situated in the Murphy School District in Phoenix, Arizona.

The philosophy of this project is to teach values and a healthy sense of self through storytelling and cultural empowerment.

This project has contributed to the field of prevention by documenting that youth can gain problem solving skills and use fewer drugs after working with our curriculum.


awardRead the WHEEL Council’s advice for how stories work in prevention, how to learn a story, and how to use body language in storytelling.

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What if a teen tells you, he or she is using?

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