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January 5, 2019 | WHEEL Council Board Meeting

January 5, 2019, WHEEL Council Board Meeting Present: Kari Buck, Dora Rodriguez, Annabelle Nelson Absent: Sue Wyatt sent her support and regards. Financial:   12/31/18 9/30/18 09/30/17 9/30/16 Checking 9235.95 7071.91   9,556.76   7,418.33 Savings 11521.81 11520.97 11, 517.62 11,514.27 Total 20757.76 18592.88 21,074.38 18,932.60   Expenses & Income (Kari will fill in) Book… Continue >>>

December 11, 2015 | WHEEL Council Board Meeting

WHEEL Council Board Meeting Minutes December 11, 2015 Members Present: Susan Wyatt, Kari Buck, Dora Sanchez, Annabelle Nelson Finances $19,522.29 in accounts $3,400 this year in sales Annabelle gave an update on East LA HIV Prevention Project. She worked with 5 trainers who had worked with the WHEEL before during the Buena Venidos implementation. There… Continue >>>

December 11, 2013 | WHEEL Council Board Meeting

WHEEL Council Board Meeting December 11, 2013 Members Present: Kai Buck, Annabelle Nelson, Sue Wyatt and Dora Rodriguez Sanchez Financial Report Legal Status Training, Dora’s Report Website Traffic Book Production Revisions of Storytelling PowerBook HIV StoryBook experimental trial Research Article Follow up on agencies that have implemented Storytelling for Empowerment Click here to view the… Continue >>>

December 12, 2012 | WHEEL Council Board Meeting

WHEEL Council Board Meeting December 12, 2012 Attending: Dora Rodriguez Sanchez, Sue Wyatt, Annabelle Nelson, Kari Buck Training Report, The training is coming from SAMHSA grantees. Past Training July Puerto Rico, two days, 27 participants Alliance for Drug Free Youth At Risk Future Training Jan 9, 10, 1 ½ day Wilmington, Delaware, 10 participants Latin… Continue >>>


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